Monday, 18 May 2015

Its a Wrap - The first year of the rest of my life

It's been a while since I wrote a post, I've missed it but lately university has been taking up all of my time but it's finally over, all the work I've been doing since September is finally over and I'll be honest about it, I feel so empty today. I woke up with nothing to do and no where to be, it was only then when I realised how a big part pf my life uni has become and even though it's only been 1 day I miss everyone so much, probably too much but you can't blame me for being so fond of this little group of Animators, they are such a unique bunch of people.

Only in the past week or so I've realised how grateful I am for this opportunity, I've begun a part of my life that will be the basis of my favourite memories in my lifetime all while building skills for my career in animation/visual effects.

It was the day before our deadline, we still didn't have an animation (our team fell apart and 3 of us were left to fend for ourselves a week before the deadline) so there was no choice but to have an all nighter in the university and hope that we make the deadline. Turns out that as well as getting loads of work done, we had a blast of a night, we watched 9 movies on the projector in the room (Tarzan an Pitch Perfect were in there of course and my night was topped off with How to Train your Dragon 2 at 5am)

Our building that we're in goes up to a high level, we are able to see the skyline from our classroom, at around half 6 the sun began to rise over Belfast and I got to watch it happen with a few people who I had spent the night with, this was such a nice way to end a hard working night and gave us a chance to relax from the stress of the deadline. It was such a beautiful morning.
This is a photo I'll treasure, I think it's gorgeous.

However, when you're working for such a long time you tend to get distracted in the creative flow of everything: Mark, Shannon and myself took advantage of being in an empty building and made a ghost video we've entitled 'The Ghost of UUB'...Procrastination at its finest!!

After a stressful night and day we had our wrap party on Friday night, it was great to have everyone together for one last time and share our work, have some amazing food and a few cocktails.

I can honestly say, hand on heart I'm so blessed to know every single one of these guys and to work with them is a complete pleasure.

"The moment you realise you're a part of something special"

I'd also like to give a shoutout to my little squad who make me smile and laugh around the stress, you guys are the biggest bunch on knobs I've ever come across, and I couldn't love you any more for it.

Zoƫ x

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