Thursday, 14 January 2016

Study Advice and Tips

January exams are the worst, trying to cram all that work you didn't do over christmas into 1 week and instantly regretting all the time you spent having fun. Don't make studying and revising a chore that you hate, make it something that you aren't wanting to put off.

Over the years of school work I had to do, here are some tips I learnt to making it more bearable.

Listen to Music

By this I don't mean anything distracting that will result in you dancing and singing around your room or office (we're all guilty of it) but I've found that soundtracks work best for me. Especially the Harry Potter ones, I adore Harry Potter and anything in relation to it makes me feel at ease almost immediately. I have my own playlist on Spotify of all the movie's soundtracks together. Feel free to give it a try or even put your own one together!

If background noise is more your thing I was introduced to this playlist on youtube by a friend. It's background noises of what it would sound like in certain places from the Wizarding World! but if harry potter isn't your thing there are other playlists you can find on the same channel.

Don't make notes boring

When revising I found it most helpful to not take notes in a notepad but buy a sketchbook/jotter and take colourful notes in it, draw little sketches to help you remember things, make it a process of creating your own journal full of things you need to know. 

Write quotes in huge colourful letters or equations in fancy fonts. Print out diagrams online or draw them yourself. It makes it fun to take notes and even stick in your flashcards afterwards as well, plus you have a cool looking journal by the end of it as well. 

Take breaks 

By this I mean sensible ones, not where you study for 10 mins and then take an hour to watch netflix. Do half an hour of revision and then take a walk to the local coffee shop, take your journal with you and read as you walk or sit with your coffee, or take your coffee back home and get stuck into revision again, the walk will help you destress. 

Share notes with friends

If you find a way of revising that works for you, share it, it might help friends too or meet up and tell them about what you're learning, I had a friend once who told me he could answer several questions perfectly on his history paper as he was with me when he read about them and then told me what he had read. It's like when you read a book or watch a movie, you can then tell your friend what had happened in the story, treat your subjects like this as well.

Don't cram!

Cramming is the worst thing you can do to yourself it causes anxiety and stress and you might not cover what you need to know. Instead of waiting until exam time, read over notes throughout the semester and take notes (make that journal!) as you go, then when the exam comes you'll have your notes shortened down even more and you'll remember what you need to know easier without the stress.

Treat studying like school. 

wake up at 8am, study until 10am, take a mid morning break and then work on until lunch and so on... when it comes to the evening go to bed early and treat yourself to a long bath/shower and watch some Netflix with a hot chocolate (or a glass of wine if you're old enough of course!) and read over what you did that day as if it were a book. You'll feel a lot better about what work you completed that day. 

Disable Facebook and other social media for 24 hours at a time.

If you miss something super important I'm sure a friend would ring to tell you, but nothing on facebook is any more important than exams.

I hope this advice helps you all and good luck in any exam you have :) 

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  1. This is so true! I'm not in school anymore, but whenever you have to work or study for something, these tips also work :)

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