Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New Routines

It can be hard for some people to get used to a new routine. however I do find it quite easy, since I moved school to do my A levels back in 2012, I loved the routine I got into, getting up and putting on my school uniform, not having to worry about what to wear, getting a free school bus with friends, learning my timetable off by heart and not going to sixth form study when I should have been in art class...

It was a routine I found easy to get into, but it lasted no time at all, 2 years seems like a longer time than it actually is and having only 2 years at a new school, with new people and new teachers isnt at all long enough to become fully accustomed to a daily routine, even though I found it easy enough, I did stuggle with the time I arrived home everyday which was about 20 past 4. see, in my previous school, we got out at 3pm and I was home by 3.05pm because I literally lived such a short distance away from it, so with the longer days in school during my A levels when i was getting out of school at 3.20pm, I would often find myself asleep on the bus, resulting in awkward pictures and videos of my lying with my mouth hanging open as if I was trying to catch flies. oh dear.

But suddenly I found myself thrown out of this routine into another one, a longer one, which isnt as accurate with its times as sixth form. University is very, very, very draining, and I'm waiting on the 'All nighters' to begin soon enough with the amount of work I have (although it is fun, it still takes a lot of of me since I am so tiny and lazy too). 

There will be days that I get up at 6am, and sometimes even 5.30am (dont ask why, I just suddenly wake up) and then going out into the world for the day and arriving home at 7pm, thats over 12 hours and when youre having to use your mind so much and walk across half a capital city to get to your college, that is a very, very long day. 
Then other days when I wont be leaving the house until 10am and coming home at 2pm, and for the distance I have to travel and the fact I now have to pay £8 for a bus each day, that seems a bit of a waste of time.
Then there comes Wednesday and friday, oh how I love them, the days when I get to stay at home because I have no lectures.....WRONG, as I am in my first year, that means a lot of team projects, which means I still have to get that 40 minute bus journey, and pay £8 and walk that 5/10 mins through the city with everyone else rushing around me. 

Dont get me wrong, I do love having something to do all the time, but when you fall asleep on a public bus next to a little old woman and scare her as you jump awake with a twitch (we've all done it) gets old after a while.

I have tried to perk my days up a lot with little things I love like;


Oh Costa how I love you, if only I could afford my flat white and lemon muffin everyday I'd be the happiest girl alive. Sitting with my sketch book watching the world go by on busy mornings, I find it so relaxing and rejuvenating before I head off to class to daydream and doodle things in my books instead of taking notes (I swear art school is the only place you'd get praised for doing that). But honestly, this start to my day makes for a happy Zoe the rest of the day.


I honestly love nothing more than to close my eyes and listen to music on the bus, or even as i sketch, I love music and as my friends know I love to dance to it when we go out (maybe a little too much).
The other day I decided to create a playlist from the songs I have on my phone, but I chose ones that perk my mood up when I listen to them, especially on the way home as i daydream about taking off my makeup and welcoming the cosy warmth of my bed (as i said in a previous post, I am very easy pleased). 
I thought Id share that playlist with you now, so have a listen and enjoy.


I have an unhealthy addiction to Vloggers, dont ask why because I dont know why...
Is it weird to say that I get inspired with these people? The fact that they have such interesting lives and share them with us, I just love, Its like having a friend you just havent got the chance to meet, you know them inside out and what they get up to. i respect them for sharing so much of their lives online, but I guess its a modern day diary...
Here are some Vloggers I love to watch;

I normally watch them at the end of the day when they post their videos, but lately Ive enjoyed watching them as I sit with my coffee in the mornings, gives me something to think about that isnt to do with whats going on in my life, its like an escape for 15 mins from my own life as I relax before my own day starts. 

Hope you have a great day!
Zoe x

First Week At University

After my attempt to get into a new routine by purchasing endless amounts of 'to go' coffees and setting seven different alarms to wake me up each morning, I've finished my first week at university. 

Even though I haven't had any classes yet, I had a full week of inductions, meeting other students and trying to familiarise myself with my new surroundings, I can say that I have a feeling I'm really going to love it here. 

One thing I loved most was getting to know the area with people I was sharing my course with. I know Belfast pretty well, but struggle with the area around my uni, so we were given a task;

Take this sheet of riddles, the answers to the riddles are locations around the city, when you get there, take a picture of your team there and tweet/instagram the photo using the hashtag '#UlsterBSA2014' along with your team name, ours was 'TeamAnim8', how creative are we?

Anyway, we made our way around the city, finding places and having a laugh along the way, it was such a great idea for us to learn about the city and eachother.

While walking around to find these places, I came across some of the cutest and bizzard places in Belfast that I had never seen, my favourite place was this little street I found, It looked so European like i had turned into a street that transported me to Amsterdam. 

Little places like this makes me realise the gorgeous country Northern Ireland is, and I hope to see more pretty places like this as I go through Uni.

Being such a shy person this gave me a great chance to talk to everyone and helped me feel more comfortable with my new surroundings, like, c'mon, do I look awkward and shy in our photos? I didn't think so, and that's something I'm proud of (I'm easily pleased) especially when I feel like I fit in somewhere.

Looking back at my interview for this course I remember watching the first years doodling ideas on the walls and having ideas written everywhere, I felt like i was meant to do animation, running back to my art teacher at my school back in march and talking with massive amounts of excitement about the course and smiling so much my cheeks were sore, and now I'm here, in that same room, but I'm the one writing my ideas over the walls and windows and making animations. I honestly cant tell you how happy I am right now. 

Zoe x

Friday, 12 September 2014

Puppy Love!!

Meet Izzy, the most gorgeous 8 week old jack russell puppy you will ever see! 
Izzy is my sister's new puppy and I am a very happy auntie to this little bundle of cuteness! 

So welcome to the family little Izzy.

Zoe x