Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn Time

I'm not a huge fan of this time of year, I think it's down to the dark, wet mornings, the increase of creepy crawly insects around my home and I usually spend most of the autumn sniffing and coughing. 
Although I'm not an autumn person I've started to do little things to perk up my mood and find the good in this season, I thought I'd share my new list of Autumn pick-me-ups with you;

Lush Cosmetics Autumn and Winter Range

'oh my, oh, my, oh my'
The excitement in me as I walked past Lush at 8am and saw the employees unpacking the new delivery, that could only mean one thing; 'THE NEW RANGE IS IN FBKHGBSKJGBS!!'
and as soon as I got out of my morning lecture I sprinted to the store where I spent a shameful amount of money on bath bombs, bubble bars and bath ballistics, even the staff got excited over the new products and the old classics making an appearance again, throwing them under my nose and showing me what the new ones were like in the water, I was really in my element.
I bought a full bag of goodies that day and I have 3 left.....that took place about 2 weeks ago...and I plan to go back tomorrow to see what else I can grab...but think about it, I could be spending my money on much worse things...

Hot chocolate

This Autumn I have developed a new found love for hot chocolate and I dont know why I had never appreciated it as much before, as soon as I roll in after a busy day the first thing I do is rush to the kitchen where I grab my favourite mug and throw three heap spoonfuls of chocolate powder into it, showering it with a tonne of milk (see? a way its healthy) and then put it in the microwave for 2 glorious minutes, when I open the microwave I'm met with a bubbling, warm, cosy potion of chocolate gorgeousness, but it doesnt stop there....
for the full experience you toss in a handful of little fluffy marshmallows who, when met with the chocolate oblivion in the cup, melt into a frothy blanket of nectar, yummy right? oh but we still arent finished, now for the fluffy cloud of cream, and dont be shy with it, tower it above the brim of the cup and your taste buds will love you foever.

Ive been drinking this every night and its the perfect concoction if youre feeling a little stressed out and want five minutes to yourself. 
(best served with Ed sheeran singing angelically in the background)

Bedroom makeover

Its a cosy time of year, why not adapt your environment to that as well? 
My bedroom is pretty tiny already, but I prefer to think of it as 'Cosy'
but there are little ways to make it feel more like your own little hobbit hole;

As long as youre careful and dont leave it burning unattended or have kids running around its such a gorgeous way to make your room cosy, especially with a scented candle, my personal favourite is Christmas cookie by yankee candle, although I havent got one yet I plan to ASAP.

Fairy lights-
I got these from Ikea over the summer and this time of year is perfect for them, they give such a subtle, warm glow to any room and I just feel so at home when I can cosy up next to them in my room.

and the other day I got these little pumpkin ones just for Halloween. woohoo, festive!


I was never a slippers fan, but last week I was in hospital for a couple of nights and my dad bought some for me to wear out of bed and I haven't had them off since, before I get my hot chocolate I throw on these puppies and I can tell you, my feet thank me for it. 

Cosy scarves

Im a huge fan of scarves, and I love to layer up for my walk to the bus stop in the mornings, this paired with my little flask (of hot chocolate of course) just make mornings better for me.


Im actually really excited for Halloween this year as I plan to go all out with my costume (stay tuned for that) but for now, I'll leave you with a few little ideas courtesy of Pintrest...

Zoe x