Friday, 6 March 2015


One of those late nights where I find myself scrolling through photographs that hold memories from at least 2 years ago, I never thought it would cast me into thoughts of how far I've come in such a short space of time.

I'm currently 19 going on 20, I'm at a stage in my life where everything is moving faster and faster and I'm leaving behind the confused little teenager I once was. I feel a lot more comfortable in myself and I can honestly say with a smile on my face "I am happy!"

I have went from studying my GCSEs to university level in what seems a matter of hours which in reality has been a matter of years, but I know I've taken the right path in my life and I can't wait for the future, I've never felt so determined or comfortable with myself before and it's the best feeling I've ever had.

Look at these pictures; what do you see? A series of events and memories? fun times that I've managed to capture? Well I see a development of someone who was shy, unsure, unhappy, uncomfortable and lacking a whole lot of confidence in herself and what she wanted. This development has lead her to being a happy, confident, content, determined, creative human and I am more than ready for the rest of my life. Bring it on world!

I'm going to share thoughts with you that have helped me see life in a different way and made me happier;

Nothing Good Gets Away!

If something doesn't work, whether it's a relationship or an opportunity if it was meant to happen for a reason it would, and if not then let it go- nothing good gets away- so don't waste what time you have in your life trying to get to something that isn't worth it in the end.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Everyone is different so find happiness within yourself, not others.

It's not about how good you are, It's how good you want to be.

What you put into something is what you'll get out of it, work hard to get where you want to be and you'll be rewarded with amazing opportunities and a great outcome.

Take Risks.

There's no point in asking yourself 'what if' forever, just get out there and do it, take risks, because if you don't then who knows what you're missing out on.

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