Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hello Stranger! - Time for a Catch-up

It's been far too long since I posted on my Blog *slaps wrist* but here I am and I have an awful lot to update you all on! So grab a cup of hot coco and settle down! I'm very very excited and just feel so ready for the future. I have a lot to talk about and some things deserve a blog post of their own so this is just a little update of what you can expect of me over the next coming months...

Since my last post about my first year of university ending I have had a lot of things happen...I'm now a fully fledged Blonde! (and if you're a girl you'll know how much a hairstyle makeover can change your personality, it's such a girl thing!), I've travelled to Cyprus to see my beautiful big sister get married!! eek! and well...thats it really the rest just consists of spending time with my best friend, finding a new love for the show Once Upon a Time and developing myself creatively, I'm determined to go back to university with a fresh creative flow and I'm confident I can do so!

So expect a lot more blog posts from me over the next few weeks! I'm only very excited to get back into blogging!!

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