Saturday, 22 October 2016

A D V E N T U R E S & U P D A T E S

Hello Strangers!!!

I realise that I've very much neglected this entire blog in attempts to get my life together in other ways...... safe to say that hasn't went very well, haha!

While I'm supposed to be trying to find a job for my placement year, work on my portfolio and juggle a part time job as well as making time for my friends, I ended up taking myself off to London for 4 days instead!

To be fair I got to spend 4 days with 3 of my closest friends and fall in love with the beautiful city of London (I also got to go to the Harry Potter Studios and cried like the little Ravenclaw student I am)

Oh my word London is now my favourite place in the world! I will 100% be moving there after graduation, I loved every part of it, from the tube in rush hour to the little coffee shops on every corner! total bliss in the city!!

Here's some photo's of our trip courtesy of Myself and Mark:

  We visited art galleries, museums, walked every part of London possible and drank wine as we caught up with our friend Katie, it's exactly what I needed to recharge my mind and body and I've returned home ready to get stuck into life! I'm writing this post rather quickly as I have to go to work now but I will get back to you all soon with more exciting posts about what projects and adventures I've been up to!!

Love, Zoƫ xx

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