Monday, 4 January 2016


Ever had one of those days when you can't stop thinking and realise that you need to do something for yourself? I'm having one of those days today. *sigh*

I'm not a massive fan of this "New year, New me!" stuff and I didn't even celebrate new year this year since I was in work until half 11 on new year's eve... and I haven't even got stuck into the new year since I have a lot of work due for uni, but I'm here to tell you all what I've decided I'm going to work on this year....

"I want to create!"

I want to develop as a creative person and make things!

Films, photos, animations, illustrations. Anything!

I want to become the better, creative version of myself and grow.. And I hope that you, reading this right now, will join me in this journey.

I want to travel and create things from what I see and I want to start off right here. In Ireland, North and South. I live on this gorgeous island and I want to see it all with my own eyes and enjoy it.

I want to invest in a camera and take it with me to document it all. When will I even get around to this? Who know. but I'm itching to see more of where I've lived for the past 20 years.

2016 will be the year I leave behind the facebook and the twitter and just enjoy what the world has to offer and I can't wait to jump in!

Happy 2016 everyone!

What do you have in store for this year?

Zoƫ x

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