Wednesday, 24 September 2014

First Week At University

After my attempt to get into a new routine by purchasing endless amounts of 'to go' coffees and setting seven different alarms to wake me up each morning, I've finished my first week at university. 

Even though I haven't had any classes yet, I had a full week of inductions, meeting other students and trying to familiarise myself with my new surroundings, I can say that I have a feeling I'm really going to love it here. 

One thing I loved most was getting to know the area with people I was sharing my course with. I know Belfast pretty well, but struggle with the area around my uni, so we were given a task;

Take this sheet of riddles, the answers to the riddles are locations around the city, when you get there, take a picture of your team there and tweet/instagram the photo using the hashtag '#UlsterBSA2014' along with your team name, ours was 'TeamAnim8', how creative are we?

Anyway, we made our way around the city, finding places and having a laugh along the way, it was such a great idea for us to learn about the city and eachother.

While walking around to find these places, I came across some of the cutest and bizzard places in Belfast that I had never seen, my favourite place was this little street I found, It looked so European like i had turned into a street that transported me to Amsterdam. 

Little places like this makes me realise the gorgeous country Northern Ireland is, and I hope to see more pretty places like this as I go through Uni.

Being such a shy person this gave me a great chance to talk to everyone and helped me feel more comfortable with my new surroundings, like, c'mon, do I look awkward and shy in our photos? I didn't think so, and that's something I'm proud of (I'm easily pleased) especially when I feel like I fit in somewhere.

Looking back at my interview for this course I remember watching the first years doodling ideas on the walls and having ideas written everywhere, I felt like i was meant to do animation, running back to my art teacher at my school back in march and talking with massive amounts of excitement about the course and smiling so much my cheeks were sore, and now I'm here, in that same room, but I'm the one writing my ideas over the walls and windows and making animations. I honestly cant tell you how happy I am right now. 

Zoe x

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